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Media Analytics turns Information into Insight, with more than 25 years of data and experience in the Direct Response Industry!

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    About Media Analytics

    Who Is Media Analytics

    Media Analytics is a market research and intelligence company that provides competitive and prescriptive analysis for the direct response and retail industries in the United States and Australia. Media Analytics has built an extensive line of products and services that turn information into insight, allowing our clients to maximize and optimize their business.
    • The IMS Report has been recognized as the direct response monitoring, tracking, and ranking resource for over 25 years.
    • The Retail Report is the must-have tool to thrive in traditional retail markets, providing insight on the rising product stars and analysis of your competitors at retail.
    • The Category Report puts relevant statistics into perspective, allowing you to drill down in greater detail to the categories that matter in your business.
    Media Analytics provides strategic and competitive intelligence, helping our clients navigate and succeed in a rapidly evolving media industry. Transforming big data into insights empowers our clients to make more informed decisions as they grow their business.

    Using Data to Drive Growth

    Media Analytics provides essential insights with competitive intelligence on trends, product configuration, upsell options, and media placement. Having data only gets you halfway through strategic planning. That is why Media Analytics provides customizable, intuitive tools and prescriptive analytics so you can quickly identify what is important to you. Data is harmonized on one platform, providing timely, flexible, and prescriptive analytics that give you a holistic view of the marketplace.

    Media Analytics has built a broad stable of products and services that have been helping Brand Marketers, Media Agencies, TV Networks and Broadcasters, as well as Retailers, maximize their success in the direct response product segment.

    Let us help you to create a customized solution to turn information into insight to optimize and grow your business.